Proofreading sucks. I’ve always thought so. Some people are good at putting a critical eye to their own work but as I’ve always been terrible at it. With me, I think it is a combination of a couple of things. I’m a bit lazy.  I’m possibly a bit arrogant. I was naturally a good writer for my age when I was younger and I think this may have led to me having a false confidence about my need for correction. Then there are deadlines involved…Continue Reading “How To Proofread Your Own Work – My Journey to Competent Copy”


I remember the first time I felt let down by ‘Based On A True Story’. Remember The Titans was part of male adolescent canon when I was in high school. It was about sports and it was also a ‘good’ movie. It was pretty thick with sentimentality but: hey, it’s based on a true story right? Can’t argue with the truth. Well some years after I watched it I found out that the whole ‘true’ part of the true story that served as the inspiration…Continue Reading “Based On A True Story – My Problem With Creative Licence in Hollywood”


There are a few issues with being a hip-hop fan when you come down on the more progressive side of social issues. Like most Australian white kids born in the late 80’s I was introduced to hip-hop through Eminem. Specifically, I was introduced through ‘The Marshall Mather LP’, which was released in 2000, when I was in grade 7. I never had a lot of musical influence around me as a kid so I never really learned to love music in my early years, but…Continue Reading “Uncomfortable Truths: A Tribe Called Quest and Georgie Porgie”