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My name is Alexander Dance.

I write, I draw and I live in Melbourne.

I have been working as a digital marketer for 5 years, mostly as a copywriter and content marketer, but also dabbling in design and front end-coding.

This website is a place for everything that I do, personal and professional.

Anything you see on this website (including the website itself) I can also get done for you. So, if you’re interested, get in touch today.

I have always loved writing.

I was the kid in primary school who wrote 10 pages more than was necessary in creative writing. As I moved through my educational years, any subject that allowed me to write my own stuff was one I jumped at.

I wrote because I enjoyed it. I was not always the best writer in class but creating stories with my words was always something I was strongly drawn to.

In my professional life, I moved into copywriting for the web and have now been creating content and content strategy for 5 years. It was something I got into because I thought words were my strength but in that time I have learned something much more important.

Being a great copywriter is not about being good with words. It is about being good at finding the right words for any situation.

I’m a strong believer in developing a clear and focused content strategy before I write and finding a client’s voice rather than giving them mine.

Other than my professional copywriting work, my main personal writing projects involve screenplays and stageplays.

Anything else? Let me see.. Well, I am a notoriously, terrible proofreader of my own work but I’m working on it.

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Art &

Drawing was my earliest focus in life. I wasn't a sports kid. I didn't particularly like the beach. I liked to draw.

This dropped off a bit in my teenage years. Not because I was any less interested in art but because I got a bit caught up in the notion that some schools quietly push of picking subjects with an eye on your potential career when you’re 15.

So with the intention of “keeping my options open” art class made way for some unit in which I vaguely remember learning how to balance invoices because apparently it was something I would need if I ever wanted to be a lawyer.

Shockingly more than a decade on I'm not a lawyer and I'm drawing again.

You can see some of it on this website.

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